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James Jeffrey-West: Blog

Talent, Talent, Talent...

Posted on December 12, 2009 with 0 comments

As 2009 winds down, and I type this blog with frozen fingers, I can't help but marvel at the folks that I've shared a stage with this past year. Last night night was one such occasion...



Having given and received feedback from pianist Curt Siffert ( at Portland Songwriters Association's ( monthly workshop, I knew that Curt was someone I had to share a stage with. After much emailing, and close calls, we finally made it happen last night. As I'd anticipated, Curt delivered the goods with class. What I hadn't planned on, was Curt being such a damn fine blues pianist and organist. As we closed out the evening with a little blues jamming, I found myself completely blissed out and eager to schedule another show with Curt... By the way, Curt also hosts a stellar series of interviews with local talent at


Not to be upstaged, Michael Torrey (, also tore it up last night at Costello's Travel Caffe ( Michael is another PSA ( connection with talent to spare. He's been writing, recording, releasing music, and performing for more than two decades, and it shows.