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James Jeffrey-West: Links

Make a difference!

Human Kindness Foundation
A wonderful charitable organization that works primarily with prisoners. I've spent time at their community in North Carolina, and can't say enough good things about them. Read one of Bo's newletters, and you'll want to read them all...
SEVA Foundation
"Dedicated to finding skillful means to relieve suffering." Good folks, who have done a lot of work with preventable blindness and other areas of need.
Southern Poverty Law Center
Continuing the work begun during the Civil Rights Movement. At the front lines of the fight against racism and discrimination of any kind. They also do a lot of fantastic work with schools through the Teaching Tolerance branch of their organization. I show my students a powerful video of theirs every year during Black History Month.
Rethinking Schools
Rethinking Schools are, in their words, "firmly committed to equity and to the vision that public education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multiracial democracy. While writing for a broad audience, Rethinking Schools emphasizes problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race." Stellar publications and a stellar group of folks, working hard to create a more just and politically active world one student at a time. I love these guys, and have used many of their materials in my classroom.
LEP High School
Check out the fabulous high school that I teach at. We're always looking for volunteers, community contacts, new students, great teachers and more.