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James Jeffrey-West: Links

So You Want To Be A Rock Star?

CD Baby
Lesson #1: Get your CD up on this site! CD Baby is fantastic. I met the founder, Derek Sivers, at the Durango Songwriter's Expo a few years back and was thoroughly impressed. Great value for your buck. Lots of exposure and options. You continue to own your music, not them. Good good stuff...
Star Polish
Wow, talk about an A-Z breakdown of the music industry. If you're really serious about making a living making music (and want to demistify the process a bit as well), make this your coursework for the next month or so...
Tips from CD BABY founder Derek Sivers
More tips on blazing your own DIY trail in the music biz than you can possibly digest in a month. CD BABY's founder Derek Sivers shares everything that he's learned from breaking his own band and from watching numerous CD BABY artists hit big (including Jack Johnson).
Durango Songwriters Expo
Rad conference. Crazy good value. Picture you rubbing elbows with scads of industry folks. You basically spend the weekend networking, attending workshops, and playing your demos for panels of industry pros. You probably won't get signed (although it's certainly happened), but you will get some invaluable feedback from people who do this for a living. I worked the door for the Friday night conference, and almost didn't let in Jack Tempchin (who penned "Peaceful Easy Feeling" for the Eagles)...
As they say on their website "TAXI helps unsigned bands, artists, and songwriters get record deals and placement in films and TV shows." I've heard nothing but good things about TAXI, and got great vibe from founder and president Michael Laskow when I met him at the Durango Songwriters Expo. From what I hear, you can't find better value for your money...
Host Baby
This is who I've got my website (the one you're currently viewing) through. It's a branch of CD Baby. Crazy good features and easy to use for all skill levels. Twenty bucks a month...
Portland Songwriters Association
At the end of the day, it all comes down to quality tunes, right? Nothing beats getting (AND USING) quality feedback from fellow musicians and industry pros... Check out their insanely thorough listing of open mics.