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James Jeffrey-West: Links

Fellow Musicians

Andy Whittle
Wow, wow, wow! Check this guy out so that you can say you knew him way back when. I shared a bill with him in Nottingham and became an immediate fan.
John Marriot
Warning! Do not visit this site unless you are prepared to have your mind completely blown. John's truly got his own thing going, and it's always an honor to share a stage with him. Let's all pray that he continues to upload songs to his site. Note: Americans may need to click on the "lyrics" links to fully submerge themselves in the world of Johnny Showbiz...
Neil Gilmartin
A friend from the Nottingham music scene, Neil is an absolute dynamo on the guitar. Check out his website to hear what ten years of classical guitar training coupled with a love of Bob Dylan and Seattle's Grunge scene can do.
Nick McDonald Band
O.K., true story. First time we saw these guys in Nottingham, they were so damn funky and infectious that we missed our bus home from downtown. That guy can sing like there's no tomorrow.
Jezz Hall
I saw Jezz at one of the first shows I attended in Nottingham. A solid, soulful, able songwriter and musician, who has rubbed elbows with the likes of K.T. Tunstall and others. Yeah...