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James Jeffrey-West: Links

Other Places to Find James

James' MySpace Page
You can find some fun stuff here that's not on the main website, like the new slideshow. If you've got a page on MySpace, feel free to make me one of your "Friends".
CD Baby
YOUR LINK FOR THE BEST PRICE ON MY CD. CD Baby absolutely rocks. Surf around their site and check it all out. Get your stuff up there if you're a musician. Feel free to review the CD online here.
Why Do You Do What You Do?
Great site which asks people "Why do you do what you do?" Check out LEP High School student and teacher responses here...
Apple iTunes
Downloadable program for Mac and Windows. You can purchase my tunes by the album or song...
Bitmunk is a place for people from all over the world to buy and sell music, television, and movies. This is the first legal, copyright-aware, peer-to-peer distribution system in the world - and it puts the artists and the fans in control. Once you buy a file on Bitmunk, you can immediately sell copies of that file to support the artist who made it. You get paid for supporting your favorite artists. Average prices for songs range from $0.70 to $0.94, albums from $7.00 to $8.80.
Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. Great Indie Music's services are available worldwide, and they sell music through eBay.
My MP3
Download in MP3 format.
Music Is Here
Site that offers a la carte downloads - based in the Latvia.
O.K., I wouldn't have the first idea how to actually order my CD from this site, but it sure is cool seeing my music for sale in Japanese. Nifty is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Japan, and controls its own music store called MOOCS. MOOCS is an SD-Card based music download service that sells independent and major label downloads which can be transferred to SD-cards.
Nexhit is an online, digital media distribution and social networking community that currently hosts nearly 500,000 tracks of the best new and independent music - a number that they are constantly adding to. The Nexhit community consists of independent artists and fans who believe that there is more to music than just the Top 40. They offer their own charts, based on the real-time response to the music found within the Nexhit system by the members of the Nexhit community.
PayPlay is a download store that focuses on independent music. It's available for Windows users and requires no registration or software download.
Downloadable program for Windows, based more towards playing/streaming/listening than downloading.
Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. Tradebit's services are available worldwide.